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    What is UPVC?

    Some might say plastic but this plastic has come a far way. Thanks to modern science available for windows, doors, shelters, auto parts, building material, more and more.

    The quality does not end with the UPVC but also with its components, how its molded together, has it got a stability care, etc.. you will find more information below differentiating cheap from expensive. UPVC products.

    The advantages and disadvantages are based as quality stander advantages of UPVC.

    Perfect insulation

    Keeps the cold out and the warmth in during winter vice versa in summer double glaring & triple glaring available if requested that can offer the ultimate in insulation.

    Highly hygienic: Keeps dust, polling, wind and bacteria but while closed. virtually no maintenance required.

    No Painting
    No Sanding
    No Warping

    Superb safety with highly advanced multipoint locking systems all around.

    Silence is golden: Block out the noise from outside and retain privay by keeping some noise inside.

    UPVC is fully recyclable
    UPVC is not affected by wind, dust particles, Sun UV and other natural elements
    Easy to clean
    Easy operation
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